About Us

At City & County, we’ve learned a great deal over our 35 year history; to embrace and utilise technology in order to aid our marketing but retain traditional values, customer service and communication.  That means regular communication with you the vendor or landlord at all stages of your sale/let and communication with all prospective purchasers or tenants.  So whilst no estate agent can guarantee to sell or let your property, City & County guarantee to be with you every step of the way.

VALUATION: Our professional valuation ensures that we offer your property at the very best price or rental income.

MARKETING: Our marketing is proactive, online and in person, and we will keep you updated on all our marketing activity.

VIEWINGS: All viewings are qualified, put simply; anyone looking around your property has the necessary financial profile.

OFFERS: All offers received for your property will be confirmed to you in writing and of course we are happy to offer our professional opinion as required.

EXCHANGE: When selling, exchange of contracts will take place once all contracts are signed and any search questions answered.

COMPLETION: Finally completion, when the residual money is transferred to your solicitor’s bank. Congratulations!