Change For The Better

It is often said that people don’t like change. Don’t you believe it! They love it. Why else do we constantly upgrade our mobile phone, why do we eat at a variety of restaurants, why do we always want to see the latest films or drive the newest car? Because we like change! Or rather – improvement.

In our search for a better way of doing things, we often find that different is better, so we embrace change. As an estate agency committed to moving the industry forwards, we have found, created, and developed aspects of difference which we believe you will find refreshing. We like to think that the flat screen displays in our window are the very latest in high-street property promotion.

But why should this matter to you? Isn’t it just window dressing? Well yes and no. Because when you put your home up for sale, you are putting it in the spotlight and presentation is critical.

In short, we showcase your property in the very best light and with the most effective associations. An association with a progressive agency who does far more than just sell houses can actually make your property more compelling to a purchaser than if it were marketed through an old fashioned, or stack-em-high-sell-em-cheap style of agency. This, in turn, can have a tremendous bearing on the saleability, and hence the value of your home.

Additionally, buyers who are treated differently to the usual “we’ll put you on a mailing list” approach, are more likely to buy, as knowledge, understanding and trust are built up as time is invested in every buyer who registers with us.

You owe it to yourself to make the right decision when the time comes to move. Perhaps it’s time for a change for the better? Why not call us today on 01733 563965, even if you are only toying with a move, and check out the difference for yourself.

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