London Buyers

A proportion of the market in this area is driven by buyers moving out of London in search of a more peaceful, less-congested, slower-paced, family lifestyle with lower crime, and a greater sense of community.

To this end, a number of London-based companies have sprung up offering affiliation services to out-of town estate agency firms, whereby local estate agents can somewhat ambitiously claim to have a “London Office”. Wow! Very smart!

But don’t be fooled. Whilst the agency may indeed be able to boast of their clients’ property details being on file at a London address, look at the reality of the situation. Is it realistic to expect that London buyers will actually walk into a central London office with the hope of securing a property in this area? Surely, if they are interested in this area, then their first port of call will be to visit a property portal or register with a local estate agency. And the Internet makes this as easy as walking through our door!

Secondly, London representative offices stock details of their client agencies from all over the UK (at least one represents around 600 agency branches!). If someone is looking in this area, how easy is it for them to be distracted by property in other areas and lose interest in this area, or at best, widen their geographic search criteria?

Our job as your agent is to encourage viewings of your property. We do that by engaging with our buyers and understanding their needs, preferences and concerns. We believe this can only be done on a personal, involved basis with buyers who register directly with us. So we don’t subscribe to any London representation – yet we probably have as many, if not more, London buyers than many of our competitors, due to our deep marketing to buyers specifically looking in the Peterborough area!

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